I am fifty years old and have been working out with Connie’s kettlebell classes for over two years. I am one that does not like to work out and have tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Connie has transformed me into a motivated kettle bell girl and the results show in my body, confidence and energy level are great! You feel sexy and kettle bells tone your whole body. Thank you Connie!

- Pamela S.

I stumbled upon one of Connie’s ads on the internet, as I was searching for a small group exercise class not too far from where I live. I had been working out for years on my own at home & had belonged to a number of gyms over the years. Having never really liked the typical “gym atmosphere”, I never was able to stick to a true regimen. The moment I walked into one of Connie’s classes & was greeted by her welcoming smile, I knew I was in the right place. I began with Connie’s Kettlebell classes which was just so much fun & boy did I get a great workout! Connie offers a variety of incredible classes, which are all the latest and most up-to-date in fitness. However, I’ve been doing Personal Training with her for the past 4 months or so, 2 times per week and the results for me have been astounding! My goal was to tone, but I’ve come away with so much more. I’m 42 years old and have never felt so strong, healthy, & confident! I’m hooked on Connie Cramer’s methodology! I’m her customer for life and I guarantee you, whatever your fitness goals, Connie will give you the confidence to achieve. Please don’t wait another moment…..Try her out now!

- Cecilia, Croton-on-Hudson

Before I was introduced to Connie and her Kettlebell class, I hated exercise. Now, I look forward to exercising regularly, feel great and am more toned than I ever thought possible. Thank you Connie for your expertise and positive attitude!

- Amy P.

I met Connie when I joined the gym. I knew I needed help to get in shape. While working with her I have lost weight and started a workout routine that helps me stay in shape. Connie has helped me a lot and I know I wouldn’t have done it without her help. I was lost at the gym and didn’t know what to do. With her help and guidance I am a healthier and more fit person. She is awesome!

- Jennifer F.

I went to my first Kettle Bells class back in June. I had started Weight Watchers and I needed to incorporate working out. I’ve always liked using Kettle Bells and when I saw there was a class on Groupon I wanted to try it. I really don’t like to work out and I have no coordination so I was nervous at first but the class was awesome! By the end of that one hour you are dripping sweat and you feel so accomplished. The class is so much fun; it’s a small group and Connie is great. I have NO coordination once so ever but Connie will go slow with you until you understand how to do the move. Within a month I could see and feel the difference. I was stronger and I could see the tone in my arms. I had originally started the class to get in shape for my wedding but I wouldn’t even think of stopping now! Its an all-in-one work out- cardio and strength training! I would recommend this class to ANYONE- it’s the best!!

- Jillian

Prior to meeting Connie, I don’t think I ever picked up a bar bell. I was never athletic and was intimidated by exercise classes and gyms. I just didn’t know where to start. Connie changed all that. She has a very low key and supportive style, but she makes you work. She is always upping the ante but very intuitive regarding what you need to work on and what your current skill level is. Safety and good body mechanics during exercise is paramount with her. I never worry that she will push me too far because I am secure that she knows me and she encourages my input and questions. She truly has changed my body. I am toned, stronger and have increased balance. For me, working out with Connie is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

- Marianne N.

Connie is a great personal trainer! She is fun, encouraging, reliable and skilled. She is great about not repeating the same workout every week. I look forward to each workout. I also like the fact that she holds her training sessions in a private studio.

- Elizabeth M.

I met Connie when she offered a strength training class at my gym. I immediately felt an affinity for her training style. I had never worked out before in my life, but she immediately made me feel like I could do it. She is always encouraging, and pushes you to challenge yourself physically, but in a positive way. She has a wealth of knowledge about fitness, exercise and nutrition, all of which she shares with her clients in the most approachable way. She has taught me so much about fitness and exercise, things I have now incorporated into my everyday life. For me, her greatest strength as a trainer has not only been in helping me to get fit and to lose weight, but in believing in me and in teaching me to that I could actually achieve those things! That was 2 ½ years ago. In that time, I have lost 40 lbs, dropped 5 sizes, and have incorporated exercise into my daily life. When I achieved my initial fitness goals, Connie helped me to set new ones, something she still continues today. I always look forward to working out, and my session with Connie is my favorite of workout of the week! She still brings new and fresh ideas to my workouts, always challenging me and teaching me new things about exercise and fitness. I could not have asked for a better partner in my journey towards fitness, and am proud to say today that I am fit and healthy, all thanks to Connie!

- Karen B.

I started using Connie as my personal trainer thinking that I’d like to get myself healthy again. I had already started restricting my diet and my wife was using Connie already, so why not? Well the results have been great! She has taught me how to exercise properly for the first time in my life. I played sports and worked out when I was younger but she would have me doing a lot of different exercises and really taught me how to do them, when to exercise and how often and even what to eat. With her encouragement I have been able to give up food and drink that I never thought I’d be able too. She has instilled in me a whole life balance. Furthermore, Connie really listens to you and know how far to push you or what special needs that you have. I like to ski and play golf so she comes up with exercises to help me in those seasons. No longer do I have my quads burning me in the afternoon of a ski outing. No longer do I pop an Advil before playing golf as a preventative way to stopping my back pain. I would highly recommend Connie to anyone looking to use a personal trainer.

- John B.

I have been around gyms and fitness trainers all my life and I can report, without reservation, that Connie Cramer is among the best trainers I've ever known.

Connie is knowledgeable about physiology, nutrition, exercise, and routines of all kinds. I've known people she has trained and noted that they have all obtained their desired results. I've been present at some of her training sessions and have noted that while she's firm, she's also mild-mannered and soft-spoken. One can learn to use appropriate weights or machines and the proper form for all the exercises without intimidation.

Whether it's muscle development or weight loss, Ms. Cramer can help her clients- male or female- achieve their goals.
I recently learned that one of my neighbors - a senior who lives alone - is justifiably fearful of falling. She has been training under Connie with the express purpose of developing her sense of balance and, secondarily, to tone her muscles. She has told me that under Connie's instruction, she has developed the equilibrium she was so eager to achieve and has attained a sense of well-being.

I believe that Connie Cramer is the ideal personal trainer. To see her is to see a living testament to her expertise!

- David Zelaya, Cortlandt Manor, NY