Connie Cramer is a fitness professional with the knowledge to get you into shape and the passion to inspire you to achieve results. Connie specializes in helping women transform their bodies, increase their energy levels, and improve confidence through training in private gym setting.

If you ever wonder whether you are performing exercises correctly, want to receive exercise tips, or want help planning an effective routine, sign up for classes or private fitness sessions and take advantage of a special introductory rate.

You Will Receive:

  • Four specialized classes for $69
  • Three private personalized fitness sessions for $139

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Success Stories


Lost 15 pounds!

I went to my first Kettle Bells class back in June. I had started Weight Watchers and I needed to incorporate working out. I have always liked using Kettle Bells and when I saw there was a class on Groupon I wanted to try it. I really don’t like to work out and I have no coordination so I was nervous at first but the class was awesome! By the end of that one hour you are dripping sweat and you feel so accomplished. The class is so much fun; it’s a small group and Connie is great. I have NO coordination what so ever but Connie will go slow with you until you understand how to do the move. Within a month I could see and feel the difference. I was stronger and I could see the tone in my arms. I had originally started the class to get in shape for my wedding but I wouldn’t even think of stopping now! It’s an all-in-one work out- cardio and strength training! I would recommend this class to ANYONE- it’s the best!!

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It’s never too late to do this. The answer is start now, to lose the fat, to tone and strengthen those muscles and achieve the body of your dreams!

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